Christmas Gift Ideas

"Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give" - Ben Carson

Don't worry, I'm not just plugging my jewellery. I may have found a few things that you hadn't thought of ......Here's my Thoughtful Christmas Gift Guide.


For the Creative

I'm a self confessed Instagram addict, it's one of my happy places and I can get lost looking at all the lovely pictures.

One of my favourite accounts is by Emily Quinton of Makelight. Have a look at her gorgeous feed HERE

This woman knows how to put a picture together and she runs lust after courses to help makers and creatives take beautiful photos of their work.

There are all sorts of great courses starting in January, and they're online so it doesn't matter where you are geographically. There's even a Mistergram course (stroke of genius!).

You can visit the website HERE


For The Art Lover

Do you have an art lover in your life? Do they have a sense of humour? If they're a little bit on the serious side, this might help to crack a smile. And if they're a silly billy, they'll find it hysterical.

The Turnip Prize: A Retrospective: We know it's crap....but is it art?

I've been a finalist four times but have yet to produce anything rubbish enough to take home the Turnip. I haven't decided if I'm happy about that or not...

You can buy a copy HERE


For the Entrepreneur

An awesome marketing planner:

It's not just a marketing planner, it's a planner on steroids! It includes an A5 Planner book, an online portal with fab resources, bum kicking emails and a Facebook group full of other supportive business owners who are always happy to help and bounce around ideas.

It's the brain child of Claire Mitchell who's a very down to earth marketing guru. She makes the complexities of marketing a business a breeze and doesn't use lots of silly jargon.

Find the planner HERE.

Couple that with some Public Relations advice and they'll be no stopping them!

Janet Murray is an ex journalist come PR guru. Her book would be a great gift for any one trying to get a bit more exposure for their business.

Buy it HERE


For those that are lead by their tummy

Really, who isn't?...

Cake in the post anyone? Once a month for up to a year? Yes please.... I just think this would be the loveliest thing. I can imagine the excitement of seeing what's in the box each month, and the pleasure of sitting down with a cup of tea and tasting it all.

See what's on offer and Order HERE

And for those who are a little more health conscious but still like a treat: A hamper full of delicious guilt free and good for you goodies.

Have a look at the selection HERE


For the Bake Off wannabes and biscuit dunkers

Cookie Art by Amber Spiegel of Sweet Ambs.

This is another of the people that I follow with awe on Instagram. I love to see the time lapse videos of the cookie's being decorated. I think in another life I'd like to come back as a cookie creator.

Here's an example of her at work:

You can buy the book HERE


For the Little People in your life

Gotrovo Treasure hunts. Who wouldn't be excited by the idea of a treasure hunt! I have a 3 1/2 year old and I know he'd pop with excitement if I said that's what we were doing.

There are a couple of treasure hunts but the one that really got my attention is the one for fussy eaters. Making meal times fun again and taking some of the stress off Mummy.

The website is HERE


For the History Buff

British History Tours. They can put together a personalised itinerary for your loved one, depending on what they're interested in. You have a one to one consultation with the trip planner, all the info that you need and a beautifully presented itinerary.

Or you can choose one the packages they've already thoughtfully put together.

The website's well worth a look, with lots of gift ideas. Find it HERE


Those who want The Happy Life

I'm talking abundance, contentment and good health....(that just about covers everyone).

Alexandra Alcott combines EFT (it's a bit like acupuncture but without needles) and holistic nutrition to help people be the best they can. She's amazingly intuitive and gentle and I can't recommend her strongly enough.

From weight loss, allergies, addictions, phobias, or just a feeling of self worth, Alexandra is the go to girl. She can do sessions via Skype, so you don't need to be in London.

For more information go HERE. She's a very nice, approachable person, so if you have any questions or would like to order gift vouchers, just ask her.


And for those who want the Simple Life

The Bygonesbox. A lovely box of 'Me Time'. You can subscribe and receive a monthly box or buy a one off. It's full of lovely things to encourage reflection and calm in your life. For example, some seeds to plant, natural homemade cosmetics, colouring pages, things to take you away from the hustle of modern life.

I think it's a wonderful idea.

Find out more HERE.


For Wildlife Lovers

Green & Blue make beautifully designed bird and bee boxes/bricks for the garden.

I particularly love the Bee Brick. It's made in Cornwall and is a perfect home for solitary bees. Apparently it's particularly popular with menfolk. It’s also a lovely way to introduce kids to bees because the solitary bees have no queen or honey to protect, meaning they are non-aggressive.

If you go for the Etched Bee Brick, you can have a personalised message engraved on the side.

Find their website HERE.


For the Treasure Hoarder

You can't read the blog of a jewellery designer and not expect there to be some jewellery in it....

I've put together a page on my website with some gift ideas. Pieces which appeal to a wide range of people, listed in price order.

You'll find the page is HERE

If I don't have the piece of jewellery that you're after, I have another wonderful list of other jewellers work. It's an exciting collaboration with a group of talented creatives I'm part of.

You'll find all their wonderful pieces HERE


For those who love mystery and intrigue

The Mysterious Package Company will a little intrigue to your loved one's life. A mystery letter, strange cryptic parcels.....

You have to sign up to find out more (it doesn't cost anything to sign up). Just click HERE.


For those who just want to sit under the tree and get pickled

Gin Baubles. Yes, they're a real thing.....Thanks to Pickering, you can now interact with your Christmas decorations. Each one contains a double shot of Pickering's gin.

I rather like the idea of turning them into little snow globes for next year. There certainly won't be any gin left in them!

The first batch sold out within two days, but more are coming at the beginning of December. If you sign up to their mailing list, they'll email you once they're back in stock. The website's HERE


I hope I've given you food for thought and a little inspiration. Now, how do I keep this blog post a secret from my family.....?

"Beautiful, sometimes eccentric jewellery for beautiful, sometimes eccentric people."

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