Light The Log Burner

Autumn is officially here and my little family and I are welcoming it with open arms.

The hedgerows are groaning under the weight of all the blackberries and damsons. Socks and I went on a foraging mission and came home laden down with a basket full of juicy, tongue staining blackberries. We made sure to leave some for the birds and dropped a few on the ground so the mice can have an autumnal feast too.

Monty's only used to having a handful when we're out on a walk so his eyes were out on stalks when he saw the basket. I asked him if he'd like to make a crumble, but he just wanted them as they were. A whole bowl full was a proper treat.

We've also been out gathering conkers. I've always loved the magic of cracking open the shell and pulling out the beautiful treasure from within. Each one's unique and when you have a pocket full, you feel like the richest person alive.

I have been doing a bit of work too, honestly.... Believe it or not there are people out there who are buying and planning Christmas presents already! I've been busy making bespoke commissions which I can't share with you in case it gives away any surprises.

However I can share my ideas for a little autumnal special. I started out with a drawing and a painting in order to get the image from head.

Next I made a couple of little models in polymer clay. I couldn't resist painting them, it was completely unnecessary but lots of fun.

The final version is underway and will be coming soon, so watch this space.

Our Autumn's off to a brilliant start, I hope yours will be filled with good things too.

So, from my family and me, we're blowing you a happy autumnal wish.

"Beautiful, sometimes eccentric jewellery for beautiful, sometimes eccentric people."

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