When Online Shopping Goes Wrong....

Online shopping is amazing. Last weekend I sat on the beach, glass of bubbles in hand and shopped on my phone for a new swimsuit for my son. Brilliant! However.....it can go wrong and I'm sure we all know someone with a good online shopping story.

I asked my friends for some examples, the answers made me chuckle.

One of my friends had asked her husband to do the online grocery shopping. He diligently worked out how many bananas they would need for the week and ordered 9 bananas. So you can imagine his surprise when the delivery man walked into the house with about 80 of them! He'd ordered 9 bags.

A friend of a friend needed a new mirror for her bedroom. She went online and found one she liked, it was very affordable. She pressed the buy it button, cleared a space in her room and waited patiently for it to arrive. It arrived a few days later and was perfect....if you're barbie; it was a dolls house mirror.

Image from Pinterest, saved from Diva Details

At Christmas my cousin thought it would be lovely for the family to sit around the open fire roasting chestnuts, she ordered one bag. The one chestnut that was delivered had to go around a family of six. Which is fine, if you're all mice.

Image by Gabriel Evans http://gabrielevans.deviantart.com/

It's easily done, I've done it myself. I was most put out when I was told that the piece of lime wood I'd ordered couldn't be delivered. I only wanted a small block to do a little bit of carving. When I asked why in a slightly cross tone of voice, I was told that trees didn't come that big. I'd got my decimal point in the wrong place... All I can say is thank goodness they didn't actually deliver it, everything in my life would be made of wood.

Image of Mary Leu's amazing wood carvings, found here http://www.psfk.com/2012/12/wooden-fabric-sculptures.html

Having fallen foul of online shopping myself, I appreciate how hard it can be for people looking at my own website. So I've decided to put together some videos explaining each of my pieces of jewellery. I want it to be as clear as possible what each piece is like in the flesh, what it weighs and it's size by comparing it to an everyday object that they can weigh in their hands.

It could take me a while to do all the pieces, but I've started with a video on one of the first pieces I made. The Button Pendants.

If you're interested in buying a button pendant the link is HERE.

Please feel free to share your own online shopping fails in the comments below, I'd love to hear them.....

"Beautiful, sometimes eccentric jewellery for beautiful, sometimes eccentric people."

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