The Beginning

Starting a blog....where does one begin?!

"Begin at the beginning," the King said, very gravely, "and go on till you come to the end: then stop" - Lewis Carol, Alice in Wonderland.

Very sensible advice, so I thought I'd start by introducing myself and try to give you a sense of who I am and where my design inspiration comes from.

This is me:

I'm sure you already know, I make jewellery.

And I also sell vintage jewellery, it gives me an excuse to indulge my love of all things sparkly....

I live with my husband Andy, a master craftsman who works in Metal and Wood, he grounds me, gives me advice, support and often makes tools for me. My little boy Monty is head of quality control (making sure everything passes the toddler strength test) and will always give an honest opinion on a piece. Our big dog Socks is head of moral support, security and team fitness. Mowgli the cat contributes by drinking the water in my quenching pot (Cats!!). Mowgli doesn't really stick around for pictures.....

I was born in Southern Ireland into Irish Landed Gentry. We lived in a big old house which was wonderful but a little frayed around the edges, I describe it as shabby opulence. It had the most wonderful hiding places and a very scary top floor.

I was very lucky; my elder brother and I spent hours playing in woods and streams, rummaging in box rooms and spent an unhealthy amount of time melting down lead in the old forge.

The rest of the time we were enjoying the beautiful countryside and coast line of Pembrokeshire. I can remember a summer holiday when we spent every day on the beach playing in rock pools and picnicking with friends.

All of this instilled in me a love for all things old, a fascination with family history and a passion for the countryside.

This is of course just a snippet of my life, but these are some of the things that shape my jewellery designs. I take inspiration from vintage designs, history, nature and the country life. I love pieces which are tactile, quirky and tip their hat to the past; pieces which can be worn every day, cherished for a lifetime and passed down the family. I hope that in a 100 years or more, someone will find one of my designs and ponder the person who made it, the journey it took to get to them and hopefully, it will make them smile.

"Beautiful, sometimes eccentric jewellery for beautiful, sometimes eccentric people."

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