Forget-Me-Not Original


A pretty sprig of Forget-Me-Nots, painted in gouache and surrounded by circles of 23.5 karat gold.


Forget-Me-Not symbolises True Love in the victorian lanuage of flowers. This one is presented with leaves on the stem to symbolise the sincerity of the sentiment.


The picture is A4 in size, including the mount.


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  • The Language Of Flowers

    The Language of Flowers - Flowers have been used as a way to convey messages for thousands of years, but it was popularised by the Victorians. Plants and flowers were used as a means to convey coded messages, often between lovers. Armed with floral dictionaries they would exchange small bouquets or Tussie-Mussies.

    The way in which flowers were presented could alter their meaning. For example, a flower presented with leaves on its stem expresses afirmativley the sentiment of which it is the emblem. Without leaves it has a negative meaning.

    There is much written about the subject, and I find it fascinating. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.