Precious Metals

"Beautiful, sometimes eccentric jewellery, for beautiful, sometimes eccentric people....(that's all of us)."

I started making jewellery when my son was born.  It's a satisfying and sometimes challenging artistic medium, but there's nothing better than seeing an idea come to life.

I find inspiration in vintage designs, history, nature and countryside living. 

I love pieces which are tactile, quirky and tip their hat to the past; pieces which can be worn every day, cherished for a lifetime and passed down the family.

I hope that in a 100 years or more, someone will find one of my designs and ponder the person who made it, the journey it took to get to them and hopefully, it will make them smile.

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If you're not looking in anything in particular, you may want to have a browse through all the current pieces.

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Some pieces are in stock and ready to go, but others are made to order.  Make sure to read the blurb regarding turn around times and sizing.

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Earrings, Cufflinks & Pins


From time to time I take on bespoke commissions.  Please contact me if you'd like something made, but please allow plenty of time as I may be booked up.

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