Precious Metals

"Beautiful, sometimes eccentric jewellery, for beautiful, sometimes eccentric people....(that's all of us)."

I find inspiration in vintage designs, history, nature and countryside living. 

I love pieces which are tactile, quirky and tip their hat to the past; pieces which can be worn every day, cherished for a lifetime and passed down the family.

I hope that in a 100 years or more, someone will find one of my designs and ponder the person who made it, the journey it took to get to them and hopefully, it will make them smile.


"The Earth without Art is just 'eh'...." - Unkown

I've been fascinated with painting as long as I can remember, and my time as an antique restorer allowed me to play with many different styles and techniques.

Like my jewellery, my artwork is inspired by nature, the world around me and anything I think is beautiful.