The excellence of a gift lies in it's appropriateness rather than in it's value.
Below are a selection of things that would make lovely gifts. Some are from me, and some are from others.
The last date for Christmas orders from my website is the 18th December.
This is always a special and lovely gift to receive.  Here are a selection pieces that I'm loving especially at the moment and think would make lovely gifts.  You can of course find more ideas on the jewellery page.
A piece of artwork with a subject that is special to the recipient is a timeless and everlasting gift. Here are a selection of pieces (some prints, some originals) that might appeal.  You can find more on the Artwork page.
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Each month is filled with illustrations of seasonal things to look out for, from flora and fauna, edible things and celebrations.
This is available through the Zazzle website and can be customised for the UK or America, with a choice of starting dates and more. Just make sure to leave enough time for it be made and posted.
I have learnt so much through this online learning platform, and can't recommend it highly enough. I have some lessons on there that I teach, but there are lots more talented teachers covering subjects from cooking to graphic design, photography to painting.
To find out more about buying a subscription as a gift...
Simple illumination.png
Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 10.45.35.png
This is something I've been eyeing up can choose between monthly or bi monthly make boxes.  Each box contains the tools, materials and instructions for a crafty make.
It's the perfect gift for anyone crafty who likes to try new things.
Screenshot 2018-12-14 11.59.13.png
These are my favourite mugs! They always bring a smile when people realise what's on them, plus they hold a fab amount of tea.
They're available through Zazzle, be sure to leave enough time for them to be made and posted. I'd recomend the 444ml version.
Screenshot 2018-12-14 11.54.59.png
This is the most beautiful and touching book I own. Follow the story (through pictures) of the Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse.
Simply stunning illustrations with heartfelt and wise words. This is one for everyone!
Made using only natural ingredients and a big dose of love in Somerset. As Raw As will do a brilliant chocolate subscription service. Chocoloate through your letterbox every month....what's not to love?!
There are various options available, plus advent calenders and lots more.
Hand poured in small batches, and made using only the finest, sustainable materials, GLO. products smell lush!
And I know the level of love and care that goes into them, as they're made by my sister in law.
Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 15.46.27.png
I will be adding more items over the coming months, so keep coming back to check.
Harnessing the amazing healing energy of the natural world, Saskia distills the most wonderful essences to help you through life. The 'Focus, Energise, Create' is a favourite of mine, but I've also got a bottle of the 'The night before Christmas, magic drops' at the ready for Christmas Eve.
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